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International Journal of Surgery Science
Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part E (2019)
S. No. Title and Authors Name
A study on penetrating abdominal injuries at a tertiary care Hospital
Dr. Venugopala and Dr. Sunil Kumar Venkatappa
Pages: 248-252  |  54 Views  28 Downloads  |  Country: India
Prospective study of surgical management of drug resistant and complications associated with pulmonary tuberculosis
Dr. Abhay Brahmane, Dr. Amit Kushwaha, Dr. RS Raikwar and Dr. Rajkumar Mathur
Pages: 253-255  |  49 Views  24 Downloads  |  Country: India
Psychosocial correlation of common urinary problems in females in a tertiary care Centre in central India
Dr. Abhay Brahmane, Dr. Rajkumar Mathur, Dr. Sudarshan Odiya, Dr. Shashi Shankar Sharma and Dr. Neha Gupta
Pages: 256-258  |  45 Views  21 Downloads  |  Country: India
Rare sites of benign nerve sheath tumours: (Median nerve, radial nerve and peroneal nerve schwannoma)
Dr. Sooraj T, Dr. S Shanmugasundram, Dr. G Ambujam, Dr. Jinsha A and Dr. Harikrishnan SA
Pages: 259-261  |  44 Views  20 Downloads  |  Country: India
To compare the efficacy of pneumatic compression therapy (PCT), lymphatic drainage exercises (LDE) and control group in patient with lower limb lymph edema
Niraj Kumar, Shama Parveen, Tarang Srivastava, Anirban Patra, Nishu Sharma and Nilkamal Kumar
Pages: 262-272  |  55 Views  28 Downloads  |  Country: India
Transverse testicular ectopia: A surgical surprise
Dr. Hari Krishnan S. A, Dr. A Sambandamurthy, Dr. Balasundaram, Dr. G Ambujam and Dr. Sooraj T
Pages: 273-275  |  41 Views  18 Downloads  |  Country: India
Study of post-mastectomy immediate breast reconstruction in rural set up
Dr. Vijay Potey, Dr. Vijay Kanake and Dr. Pawan Survase
Pages: 276-279  |  39 Views  15 Downloads  |  Country: India
Assessment of estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor of infiltrating ductal carcinoma of breast for neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Dr. P Siva Karthik, Dr. Balasundaram and Dr. Ranjit Kumar
Pages: 280-284  |  41 Views  19 Downloads  |  Country: India
Use of head scarves pin and their consequences in young Muslim girls in Kashmir
Tariq Ahmed Mala, Syeed Rayees Ahmad and Shahid Amin Malla
Pages: 285-286  |  44 Views  24 Downloads  |  Country: India
Analysis of outcomes of laparoscopic appendectomy and open appendectomy
Ravichandran Subramaniam
Pages: 287-289  |  48 Views  26 Downloads  |  Country: India