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Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A (2018)

An observation into the correlation of traumatic events and alopecia areata

Author(s): Dr. Niti Gaur and Dr. MA Reshamwala
Abstract: Background: The exact cause for the disease is yet to be understood. But it was thought that the underlying causes are genetic factors, environmental factors and stress factors [2]. The relationship between the stress factors and alopecia areata was not very clear. As there were difference in the opinion exists. Some researchers found that the stress events are prime in causing the disease where as other researchers explained that there was no relation between the stress events and the disease.
Objective: As this much difference exists in the relation between the traumatic events and occurance of disease, the present study was undertaken to observe the correlation of traumatic events and alopecia areata.
Materials and methods: A total of 50 patients aged more than 18 years including both male and females were part of the study after obtaining the written, voluntary informed consent. Unwilling participants were excluded from the study. Patients with any severe complications were also excluded from the study.
Results; Out of fifty participants, 24 participants were males and 26 participants were females. Majority of the participants were exposed to at least one traumatic event. In age group less than 30 years major problem is child issues. In age group more than 30 years major issue is family problems. In males, the major issue is child issue where as in females, there is child, family and financial issues are of major concern.
Conclusion: The study results explained that, there is a strong relation between the Alopecia areata and the traumatic events. The study results cannot be generalized as the study was conducted at one centre only. Hence, the study recommends to undertake multi center studies to confirm the relation between the alopecia areata and traumatic events which helps to plan better management methods for the well being of the general population.
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International Journal of Surgery Science
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