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International Journal of Surgery Science
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Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part B (2019)

Clinical profile of patients with common bile duct stones attending tertiary care hospital

Author(s): Dr. Ravi MJ
Abstract: The management of patients with known bile duct stones as well as gallbladder stones will vary between countries and between institutions. Factors that influence decision making processes within institutions include the availability of experienced surgeons and endoscopists, costs of hospitalization, costs of endoscopic and laparoscopic equipment, and patient preference. Patients were subjected for the different procedures namely ERCP, open or laparoscopic CBD exploration, or combination of one or more above mentioned procedures, depending upon the need and or the indications. In this study ultrasound abdomen detected the presence of common bile duct (CBD) stones in 55 of 60 patients, accounting for 91.6%. Size of the stone was mentioned 55 patients, whereas in 5 patients no mention was made regarding the size. Out of 55 patients 17 patients had single stone in the CBD whereas 38patients were found to have multiple calculi. CBD dilatation was found in 53patients, out of which no mention was made about the size of duct in 3 patients, 16 patients were found to have duct dilatation of less than 10mm and rest 34 patients showed duct dilatation of more than 10mm.In 06 patients no duct dilatation was found and in 1 patient USG findings were inconclusive.
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