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Vol. 3, Issue 3, Part F (2019)

A clinical study of ulcers of the leg: A prospective comparative study

Author(s): Dr. Lanka Vamsidhar, Dr. Gaddala Penchalaiah and Annaladasu Srilekha
Abstract: Background: Chronic ulceration of the lower leg is a frequent condition, with prevalence in the population over 60 years of age. The incidence of ulceration is rising as a result of the ageing population and increased risk factors for atherosclerotic occlusion such as smoking, obesity and diabetes. The main causes are venous valve insufficiency, lower extremity arterial disease and diabetes, less frequent conditions are infection, Vasculitis, skin malignancies and ulcerating skin diseases such as Pyoderma Gangrenosum. For a proper treatment of patients with leg ulcers it is important to be aware of the large differential diagnosis of leg ulceration and to effectively manage the conditions.
Aims and objectives: To study the clinical features of various types of leg ulcers, types of investigation and its management of leg ulcers among the study group.
Methods: Prospective study of 200 cases of chronic leg ulcers admitted at Government general hospital, Guntur during the period September 2016 to October 2018 with regular dressing, debridement, treating the underlying systemic disease, skin grafting and amputation were done.
Results: In a study group of 200 cases, most of the patients with leg ulcers had an underlying systemic disease such as diabetes mellitus, venous Valvular insufficiency, arterial occlusion secondary to atherosclerosis, leprosy and malignancy.
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Dr. Lanka Vamsidhar, Dr. Gaddala Penchalaiah, Annaladasu Srilekha. A clinical study of ulcers of the leg: A prospective comparative study. Int J Surg Sci 2019;3(3):325-329. DOI:
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