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International Journal of Surgery Science
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Vol. 3, Issue 4, Part A (2019)

Role of ultrasound in detection of breast cancer: Current status

Author(s): Debjani Majumdar and Akriti Komal
Abstract: Breast Ultrasonography (US) is now a days considered the first line examination in the Screening of breast for detection of early breast lesions including cancer. Yet only few single center cohort studies analyzing breast US as screening tool could be found in literature. In spite of the fact that mammography is considered as the primary method for screening for its ability to detect microcalcifications, US is good in mass or mass like lesion detection, especially in the dense breast population as proved by the study of ACRIN 6666 (American College Of Radiology Imaging Network). A lobular hypoechoic area, lesion with ductal extension and dilatation, and a hypoechoic nodular lesion with a dilated lactiferous duct leading to the retroareolar region, were the common ultrasound findings in Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) have been found. Recent introduction of Computer programmes have been developed and approved for use in clinical practice, like CAD (computer aided/assisted detection/ diagnosis), ABUS (Automated breast US), elastography and microbubbles in contrast-enhanced ultrasound. The standardized scanning, with addition of computer technology implementation and finding the picture of DCIS may prove an important radiation free modality for detecting early breast cancer. Results: Out of 176 cases in which we analysed US data and compared with histocytological findings sensitivity and specificity were 94.5% and 92.3% respectively. It was concluded that conventional USG examination can very well complement the diagnosis of breast lesions including cancer. Moreover, this method has the lowest cost/efficiency ratio and it is also the most non-invasive and easily accessible imaging method, with an accuracy comparable to MRI.
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