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Vol. 3, Issue 4, Part D (2019)

Management of haemorrhoids in tertiary care centre

Author(s): Sadashiv V Patil, Medide Veerendra and Nandkishor Shinde
Aim: To evaluate the outcome of sclerotherapy and closed haemorrhoidectomy.
Materials & Methods: 24 patients of anorectal disease were included and were operated in this period, 7 patients underwent closed haemorrhoidectomy, 9 patients were given sclerotherapy. Patients of anorectal abscess were excluded and correction of anemia done followed by posted to surgery. Grade I and II Haemorrhoids were treated with sclerosant and Grade III and IV are treated with closed haemorrhoidectomy. Both procedures were done under spinal anesthesia.
Results: 7 patients underwent closed haemorrhoidectomy and 9 patients underwent sclerotherapy. Postoperative complications in both groups were studied like pain, bleeding per rectum, mucosal discharge, urinary discharge and wound dehiscence are treated and follow up done. No case arrived with any symptoms of recurrence in the follow up of next 6 months.
Conclusion: Sclerotherapy is the preferred technique for hemorrhoids (especially Grade I & II) with minimal duration of stay, early return to the work and less post operative pain and it can be done as a daycare procedure. For Grade III& IV haemorrhoids, closed hemorrhoidectomy is ideal and beneficial.
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International Journal of Surgery Science
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