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Vol. 3, Issue 4, Part E (2019)

A comprehensive study of 60 cases of undescended testis

Author(s): Ramanaiah Kayala, Abdul Mohid Syed and Mahidhar Reddy Venkatapuram
Abstract: Aim: To study age of presentation, causes, modes of presentation, investigations and management of several consecutive cases of undescended testis presenting to general surgery department.
Materials and methods:A prospective study was conducted on 60 patients presenting with undescended testis to general surgery and paediatrics department during the period January 2016 to august the demographic variables studied, their percentages calculated with respect to total number of cases and all the data tabulated.
Results: in this study of 60 patients, about (45)75% of them belonged to 2-5 years age group. 20% (12) of them presented between 5 to 10 many as 24(40%) were noticed by parents and 36 (60%) were identified by consulting paediatricians during regular Checkup and were referred to surgeons. As per the position of testis is concerned, about 90% (54) of them were found in inguinal canal followed by high scrotal and intra-abdominal positions in that order. Ultrasound scan identified the position of testis in almost all the cases. Orchiodopexy was success full in 95% of cases.
Conclusion: Children with undescended testis usually present in 2 -10 years age group with most of them first noticed by their parents. The common location of undescended testis is in the inguinal canal and ultasound scan is effective in diagnosing the condition. Orchidopexy gave good results and so can be considered as the procedure of choice.
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Ramanaiah Kayala, Abdul Mohid Syed, Mahidhar Reddy Venkatapuram. A comprehensive study of 60 cases of undescended testis. Int J Surg Sci 2019;3(4):282-283. DOI:
International Journal of Surgery Science

International Journal of Surgery Science

International Journal of Surgery Science
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