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Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part B (2020)

Stoppas repair for bilateral direct inguinal hernias: Our experience

Author(s): Dr. K Kashyap and Dr. Y Raja Venkatesh
Abstract: Introduction: Recent concept in the hernia surgery is to cover the Myopectineal Orifice of Fruchaud, the area of weakness in the abdominal wall from which all groin hernia occur. Rives Stoppa is a technique of giant prosthetic mesh placement to reinforce the bilateral MPO thus preventing hernia.
Aim: To study the role of Giant Prosthetic Mesh Placement in the treatment of bilateral direct inguinal hernia.
Materials and Methods: Prospective interventional study done in 21 cases of bilateral direct hernias admitted in Narayana Hospital during January 2018 to December 2018. Intra operative and post-operative complications, duration of hospital stay were recorded and analysed.
Statistics: Microsoft Excel sheet is used to enter the data. Mean and percentage was used to describe data.
Results: All cases were males between 50 -70 years of age. Risk factors were smoking, COPD, BPH, poor abdominal tone. Average duration of surgery was 55 ± 5min. Post-operative periods were uneventful in all except 1 case who died due to acute on chronic CKD. No recurrences were noted in the 6 months follow-up period.
Conclusion: Stoppas repair is effective and safe procedure for bilateral direct hernias.
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International Journal of Surgery Science
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