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Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part G (2020)

Membranous rupture in relation to c-reactive protein

Author(s): Dr. Entesar Mahmood Amer and Dr. Ahlam Mahdi Mousa
Abstract: The aim of the study was to prediction of sub rupture of membranes (PPROM) and preterm labour. Maternal and cord blood for C (CRP) sensitivity as a confirmative test for sub with PPROM as study group and 30 pregnant of same gestat in labour. All submitted to CRP test, high vaginal swab, placental swab for C/S and cord blood for CRP. CRP positive in study group 18 cases (60%) and control group 8 cases (36.6%) for urine C/S in study group was 11 positive in study group 8 cases (27.3%) and in control group 3 cases (10%), CRP test, urine for C/S and high the vag. for C/S were statistically not significant CRP test sensitivity was 78% and specificity was 62.5% So CRP test can used as screening test for infection.
Introduction: Preterm pre labour rupture of membranes (PPROM) mean rupture of fetal membranes after 24 weeks gestation and before 37 completed weeks or 259 completed days of gestation. Preterm birth: mean birth occurs before 37 completed weeks or 259 completed days of gestation. It is a leading cause of infant death and several contributing mechanisms to this morbidity have been identified over the past 10 years Macdonald Gant, 2000). It is obvious that seve involved in the pathogenesis of preterm birth, which may explain why it has proved so difficult to predict and prevent, the too early activation of the fetal hypothalamic adrenal axis may result from maternal psychosocial or fet physiological stress. Such physiological fetal stress may in turn be a consequence of microbial invasion of fetal membranes, amniotic fluid and the fetus itself. The critical mediator of stress-induced preterm birth appear to be corticotrophin releasing hormone. It stimulates the production of prostaglandins by cells in the amnion, placenta, chorion and utrine deciduas (Staffan Bergstrom, 2003). membranes "chorioamnionitis" is a cause of preterm labour in 10-20% of cases with intact membranes, this figure is higher if labour fallows preterm pre labour rupture of Membranes. Pathophysiology: Preterm parturition due to infection is initiated by security products resulting from monocyte activation cytokines including interleukin I.
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International Journal of Surgery Science
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