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Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part H (2020)

Clinical presentation and outcomes of rupture liver abscess patients in tertiary care center

Author(s): Dr. Rikhav Shah
Background and Aim: Liver abscess is the second largest prevalent disease in developing countries like India due to poor sanitation, overcrowding and low socio-econic status. Liver abscess is of two types amoebic and pyogenic. There have been significant changes observed in treatment and diagnosis according to the type of abscess. Present study was done with an aim to analyze the various epidemiological factors in patients with ruptured liver abscess for better management and insight into the prognosis for such patients. 
Material and Methods: This study was conducted in department of surgery, Tertiary Care Teaching Institute of India for the duration 1 year. All patients with ruptured liver abscess (ultrasound diagnosed) were included in this study. Blood investigations were evaluated for complete haemogram, total leukocyte counts, liver function tests, renal function and coagulation profile. Patients with deranged coagulation profiles were given fresh frozen plasma. 
Results: There was total of the fifty patients which were diagnosed as ruptured liver abscess. In our study all patients were male. The most affected age group was 31-40 years. Most of the patients presented with complaints of right hypochondrial pain/tenderness in 50 patients (100%). 17 patients (34%) complained of nausea and vomiting, 25 patients (50%) had presented with complaints of anorexia and loss of appetite, and 38 patients (76%) had presented with high fever along with chills and rigors. 12 patients (24%) had guarding/rigidity. 
Conclusion: Liver abscess (ruptured) is a surgical challenge which needs to be addressed in early stages to reduce the mortality. Most common affected age group falls between 30 and 60 years of age with male predominance being affected. Alcoholics and patients with diabetes and immunosuppression are at high risk for developing liver abscess.
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