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International Journal of Surgery Science
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Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part G (2020)

A prospective study on post operative complications of thyroid surgery

Author(s): Dr. Goutham Kompally and Dr. K Suresh Kumar
Abstract: Background: The various postoperative complications of thyroid surgery have long been known to surgeons embarking on the surgical treatment of goitre. These complications may be severe enough to jeopardise the life of the patient or to create a physical or physiological incapacity which will limit his normal activities. Because of the severity of the complications it becomes necessary to reduce the incidence of these complications to an absolute minimum in this age of modern surgery.
Aims & Objectives: Aim of this study is to study the preoperative factors which influence complication rates, complication rates associated with the type of thyroid surgery, type of complications, period of onset of complications, hospital stay of patient with different complications, mode of management of each complications.
Materials and Methods: The present study of “Postoperative complications of Thyroid Surgery “has been made over a period of 18 months from January 2017 to July 2019.The study was made in Kamineni institute of Medical Sciences Narkatpally. Prospective analysis of 60 goitres undergoing surgery were taken for the study. These cases were studied in detail clinically and recorded as per the proforma attached.
Results: Prospective analysis of 60 goitres undergoing surgery showed the incidence of thyroid diseases is more common in females than in males. The peak age group in which patients presented to the hospital was in 3rd decade. The commonest clinical diagnosis in patients with goitre was Multinodular Goitre in Euthyroid status. The commonest histological diagnosis in those specimens sent for Histopathological examination was Nodular Colloid Goitre. The most common surgery performed in goitre cases was Sub-total thyroidectomy. Wound infection was the most common post- operative complication.
Conclusion: In this study the mortality was zero and morbidity was low. Thyroid surgery is safe and can be performed with minimum morbidity and mortality for a wide range of diseases of thyroid, if it is done gently with meticulous attention to achieve adequate hemostasis with identification and preservation of structural details.
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International Journal of Surgery Science

International Journal of Surgery Science
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