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International Journal of Surgery Science
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Vol. 4, Issue 3, Part A (2020)

A retrospective study of 50 cases of splenic abscess

Author(s): Dr. Mohammad Farooque G Dudhwala and Dr. Vijoy Singh
Abstract: Splenic abscess is an uncommon and life threatening condition. Due to its nonspecific clinical picture, it remains a diagnostic challenge. Multiple radiological modalities are used for the diagnosis. In this retrospective study we analyzed 50 patients treated between March 2018- November 2019. The patients were divided into three groups depending on the treatment received. Group I (n=15) consisted of patients treated with only antibiotics, Group II (n=15) patients were treated with percutaneous drainage and Group III (n=20) with splenectomy. We tried to establish epidemiologic and clinical features and therapeutic options in splenic abscess. Our study suggests that percutaneous drainage is a safe and effective alternative to surgery especially in unilocular or bilocular abscesses thus allowing preservation of the spleen. It should be considered as the first line of treatment although splenectomy remains the final definitive procedure if percutaneous drainage fails.
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International Journal of Surgery Science
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Dr. Mohammad Farooque G Dudhwala, Dr. Vijoy Singh. A retrospective study of 50 cases of splenic abscess. Int J Surg Sci 2020;4(3):12-15. DOI:
International Journal of Surgery Science
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