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International Journal of Surgery Science
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Vol. 4, Issue 3, Part B (2020)

Management of diabetic foot, an interventional study

Author(s): Dr. Luai Farhan Zghair
Abstract: The diabetic foot is a group of diseases in which neuropathy, ischemia, and infection lead to tissue breakdown resulting in morbidity, possible amputation and mortality. The aim of the study to identify the risk factors for amputation in diabetic patients hospitalized for foot infection. Seventy patients with diabetic foot infection were studied. The frequency for foot amputation in diabetic foot patients was significantly affected by many factors. Smoking was significantly associated with increased frequency of amputations by 10 times. Those with coronary heart disease are predisposed to amputations 5 times those who are healthy. The less the Wagner grade of foot ulcer, the less possibility for foot amputations. 74.1% of those with ulcers of Wagner grade of 4 were exposed to foot amputation, while only 25% of those of grades 2 or 3 had their foot been amputated. Similarly, Control of blood glucose level is associated with less possibility for diabetic foot amputation. Foot was amputated in 70.5% of those with blood glucose level of ≥ 7.77 mmol/l, while only 11.1% of those with blood glucose level of < 7.77 mmol/l exposed to foot amputation. Diabetic foot amputation is a preventable disabling complication of diabetes mellitus and diabetic foot care must aim to prevent and manage risk factors for amputation in order to improve the squeals of diabetes mellitus. Stopping smoking is the important way to decrease the likelihood for amputation. Controlling coronary heart disease is must be for diabetic foot lesions to get better. Local wound care is an important step in the process of diabetic foot care. Control of blood sugar is the cornerstone in the project of diabetic foot amputation prevention. Management of diabetic foot needs a multidisciplinary approach in order to target all predictors and risk factors for foot amputation aiming at decrease community disabilities and health costs.
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International Journal of Surgery Science
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