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International Journal of Surgery Science
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International Journal of Surgery Science
Vol. 4, Issue 3, Part D (2020)

Clinical profile of patients with forearm and hand injuries at tertiary care institute of Bhuj, Kutch

Author(s): Dr. Mohak Mankad, Dr. Donali Patel, Dr. Juhi Patel and Dr. Gyaneshwar Rao
Abstract: Background and Aim: Hand and forearm injuries, however small or large they may be do have a significant impact on the society in terms of cost of treatment and hospital stay and costs of lost production. A further loss occurs in terms of an increased time off work due to need for rehabilitation and in some cases due to the permanent loss or impairment of function of the hand.
Material and Methods: The study was conducted in the Department of Surgery, Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Science, Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, over the period of 12 months. Total 150 Subjects were recruited from patients presenting in emergency/surgery OPD, with a primary diagnosis of soft tissue injuries in the forearm and the hand. A complete history of patients and detailed examination of patients was performed after obtaining the written informed consent of the patients. The findings were recorded and evaluated in following terms. Time since injury on admission, first aid/intervention done outside, mode of injury, detailed clinical examination in the form of general examination and systemic examination. Local examination which included details like the limb involved, examination of the would including its dimensions, neurovascular status, involvement of the tendons, any fracture of the underlying bones and involvement of joint.
Results: Out of 150 subjects 128 (85.3%) were males while 22 (14.6%) were females. Maximum cases were of crush injuries accounting for 50% of the subjects (75 subjects). Lacerated wounds made up for 27.3% subjects (41 subjects). Associated involvement of the joint was seen in 55 subjects (36.6%), whereas 95 subjects (63.3%) did not have any involvement of the joints. Neurovascular injury was seen in only 29 subjects (19.3%).
Conclusion: Among all those attended, the male gender had a higher prevalence. Hand and forearm injuries are more common in males and in the age group of 20 to 40 years leading to loss of productive working days causing a significant financial burden on the society. Hand and forearm injuries range from isolated soft tissue injuries to those associated with bony and neurovascular involvement.
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Dr. Mohak Mankad, Dr. Donali Patel, Dr. Juhi Patel, Dr. Gyaneshwar Rao. Clinical profile of patients with forearm and hand injuries at tertiary care institute of Bhuj, Kutch. Int J Surg Sci 2020;4(3):223-225. DOI:
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