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International Journal of Surgery Science
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Vol. 4, Issue 3, Part F (2020)

Albumin is a key solution and is administered during paediatric heart surgery

Author(s): Dr. Khaza Rafiudden and Dr. H Veeresh
Abstract: Pediatric heart surgery is a complex and delicate procedure that requires careful management of various physiological parameters, including blood volume and protein levels. Albumin, a key protein found in blood plasma, plays a vital role in maintaining these parameters and is often administered during pediatric heart surgery. This research article aims to explore the importance of albumin in pediatric heart surgery and its role in maintaining blood volume, preventing edema, and transporting essential molecules throughout the body. Based on our clinical observations, the use of human albumin or fresh frozen plasma can be demonstrated in the prime solution. Compared to our small enrolled patients due to the small study designed, we would like to conclude that human albumin may be necessary to prevent acute complications of hemodilution due to the prime solution but, it need future study for confirmation.
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Dr. Khaza Rafiudden, Dr. H Veeresh. Albumin is a key solution and is administered during paediatric heart surgery. Int J Surg Sci 2020;4(3):374-376. DOI:
International Journal of Surgery Science
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