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International Journal of Surgery Science
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International Journal of Surgery Science
Vol. 4, Issue 4, Part C (2020)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
A clinical study to determine predictive factors for difficult laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Dr. Abhishek Bansal, Dr. Hari S Mahobia and Dr. Gajanan Waghoikar
Pages: 126-132  |  391 Views  201 Downloads  |  Country: India
Study to analyze the patients presenting with acute mesenteric ischemia, to surgery unit in a tertiary care hospital, Telangana, South India
T Suresh Babu and Dr. Manoj Patruni
Pages: 133-136  |  257 Views  111 Downloads  |  Country: India
Screw fixation versus tension band wiring in Treatment of closed displaced horizontal oblique medial malleolar fracture
Dr. Abbas Silman Altaei, Dr. Abdulameer Raheem Hussein and Dr. Aamer Naji Shaalan
Pages: 137-141  |  451 Views  128 Downloads  |  Country: Iraq
An economic model to assess the value of triclosan-coated sutures in reducing the risk of surgical site infection in general surgery in India
Nilesh S Mahajan, Reshmi Pillai, Hitesh Chopra, Ajay Grover and Ashish Kohli
Pages: 142-148  |  273 Views  110 Downloads  |  Country: India
Pyelonephritis with obstructive uropathy in a crossed fused ectopic kidney: Report of a rare case and successful management
Dr. Santosh Patil, Dr. Abishai Jebaraj, Dr. Vinay S Kundargi and Dr. Basavesh S Patil
Pages: 149-150  |  254 Views  111 Downloads  |  Country: India
A comparative study of the uptake of skin graft between patients receiving negative pressure wound therapy/vacuum dressing and conventional petroleum jelly gauze dressing following split skin grafting
Dr. Ravishankar N, Dr. Shivakumar S, Dr. Benak Shivalingappa*
Pages: 151-156  |  273 Views  137 Downloads  |  Country: India
Comparative study of operative fixation of fracture of medial malleolus by malleolar screw versus tension band wiring
Dr. Saad Shayaa
Pages: 157-163  |  344 Views  197 Downloads  |  Country: Iraq
Comparison study stapled versus hand sewn method for large bowel anastomosis surgery
Dr. Mishaan Khalel Ismael and Dr. Amir Hinbis Masawod Al-Azzawi
Pages: 164-168  |  318 Views  161 Downloads  |  Country: Iraq
The role of normal saline irrigation versus povidon iodine of surgical wound in decreasing the rate of surgical site infection in perforated appendicitis
Dr. Hazim Jabbar Kashtel, Dr. Amir Hinbis Masawod Al-Azzawi and Dr. Ahmed Modher Khalaf
Pages: 169-171  |  280 Views  136 Downloads  |  Country: Iraq
Study to access mesh fixation versus non-mesh fixation in trans abdominal preperitoneal MESHPLASTY among patients attending the general surgery department with inguinal hernia, Telangana state, India
T Suresh Babu, Dr. Manoj Patruni and Dr. Ranjeesh
Pages: 172-174  |  250 Views  101 Downloads  |  Country: India
International Journal of Surgery Science