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International Journal of Surgery Science
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Vol. 4, Issue 4, Part E (2020)

Wound related complications of skin sutures: A prospective study

Author(s): Hemanth Gudur and Shanker Dharmaraj Basa
Introduction: Wound dehiscence occurs when a surgical incision reopens either internally or externally. It’s also known simply as dehiscence. Although this complication can occur after any surgery, it tends to happen most often following abdominal or cardiothoracic procedures. It’s commonly associated with a surgical site infection. Complications may involve a hematoma formation due to poor hemostatic control.
Material & Methods: This is a prospective study was conducted in the Department of General Surgery at Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences over a period of 1 year. All the patients who were admitted as In patients for surgical treatment for various diseases in the department of General Surgery, total of 100 patients were enrolled. A total of 140 patients who were satisfying the inclusion criteria were enrolled into study. 70 patients underwent skin closure with silk and remaining 70 with prolene.
Result: In our study most of the patient were male in both the group. In our study in both the group maximum patients had diagnosis of Inguinal hernia and least were Duodenal peroration. Surgical site infection or wound infection were 76.93% in silk group and in prolene group were 100%. Moreover, acute wound dehiscence seen only in Silk group. In silk group 22.8% complication were present and in Prolene group only 8.5% were present.
Conclusion: Wound infection is a great hazard in abdominal skin closure as it can lead to disastrous complications. Preventing wound infection is necessary as it may lead not only to an ugly scar but also occurrence and recurrence of hernia. The present study concluded that type of suture material is associated with post-operative surgical wound complications with P value of 0.03.
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International Journal of Surgery Science

International Journal of Surgery Science
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