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Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part A (2021)

Evolution in thyroid surgeries: A short review

Author(s): Nishath Sabreen
Abstract: Aim: To contemplate on the evolution of thyroid surgeries and assess its outcome, feasibility and preferred surgical technique in thyroid surgeries. Thyroid surgeries have continued to evolve since many years with Kocher’s neck incision being the classical incision for all thyroid surgeries. Benign thyroid diseases have been more commonly treated surgically and approaches to such have evolved over years. Hence, they are approached in both functionally and aesthetically giving a superior outcome. These have led to many recent developments in different approaches for thyroid removal. Some of them are Kocher’s incision, lateral incision, TORS, and upper skin crease incision.
Materials and Method: A short elucidation of surgical approaches on thyroid surgeries to the newer advents in thyroid surgery.
Conclusion: Each of these following incisions have their respective advantages and disadvantages for the same. Most incisions are case specific and are suited perfectly for each type of thyroid gland removal. Hence no incision is superior in terms of outcome and removal of thyroid gland. But when the aesthetics are concerned TOR’s shows superior scar less surgery followed by high neck skin crease incision which hides the scar under shadow of mandible followed by other incisions respectively.
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International Journal of Surgery Science
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