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Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part G (2021)

A clinical study of parotid tumours

Author(s): Dr. Vanaja Ratnakumari and Dr. Kondapalli Vamsi Krishna
Background: Parotid gland tumours most often present as painless enlarging masses. However rapid growth, pain, nerve involvement, and ulceration are clinical predictors that suggest malignancy.
Aim: The study aims to find out the postoperative course of parotid tumours particularly the factors influencing postoperative facial palsy.
Methodology: It was a cross-sectional study. The present study is conducted over 2 years, to evaluate the age and sex incidence, clinical presentation and histopathology of parotid tumours. All the patients < 18 years age presenting to the surgical OPD with parotid region swelling are recorded. Those willing to participate in the study are included in the study. Specific investigations such as FNAC are used to confirm the diagnosis.
Results: Out of all 30 cases, 16 are female and 14 are male. Out of total benign lesions in 23 cases, 14 are in female and 9 are seen in males. Out of total malignant lesions of 7 cases, 5 are males and 2 are females.
This study has the advantage of using the House-Brackmann score for grading facial nerve function. The factors influencing postoperative loss of facial nerve function are also studied. The most common benign tumor is pleomorphic adenoma in the parotid gland while the most common malignant tumour is mucoepidermoid carcinoma. Benign tumours are most commonly seen in the 20-40 years age group, whereas malignancies are more common in the 40-60 years age group. The sex incidence in Warthin’s tumor is more in males similar to existing literature. All the patients with cancer in the study have some form of exposure to tobacco such as smoking, reverse smoking or chewing tobacco. Out of 11 cases of total parotidectomy 9 are conservative and 2 are radical parotidectomy. The incidence of postoperative temporary palsy is 16.66% (5 cases) of benign parotid tumours. Three malignancies have postoperative paralysis, all being permanent facial palsy.
Conclusion: The present study suggests a strong etiological role of tobacco in these cancers. Preoperatively, the risk of nerve injury can be assessed by the tumor size, recurrence and malignancy. Thus, nerve monitoring should be considered in such tumours
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International Journal of Surgery Science
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