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International Journal of Surgery Science
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International Journal of Surgery Science
Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part F (2021)

Laparoscopic versus open appendectomy: A comparative study

Author(s): Amarjeet Singh, Maneesh Sharma and Mohd Abbas
Abstract: The current study was done to compare the effectiveness, safety and clinical outcome between Laparoscopic and Open Appendectomy in terms of operating time, complications and length of hospital stay. Patients undergoing Appendectomy by Laparoscopic and Open technique from November 2016 to October 2017 were enrolled in the study after fulfilling eligibility criteria. According to surgical approach patients were randomly divided into two groups Laparoscopic Appendectomy Group (LA group) & Open Appendectomy Group (OA group) respectively. The following parameters were assessed primarily in terms of operating time, resumption of oral diet, length of hospital stay, no. of analgesic doses, conversion rate, post-operative pain, Intraoperative and post operative complications like wound infection, prolong ileus, intraabdominal abscess, diarrhea and urinary tract infection. Results: We found that operating time was comparable in both groups, resumption of oral diet was earlier in LA Group as compare to OA Group (with p value of <0.0001) which was statistically significant, No. of analgesic doses used, length of hospital stay, Postoperative pain, Intraoperative and postoperative complications was less in LA Group whereas 2 patients in LA group was converted to open Group but difference was statistically significant. Conclusion: we concluded that Laparoscopic Appendectomy is safe and effective than Open Appendectomy irrespective of the indication for conversion to open.
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