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Vol. 5, Issue 3, Part A (2021)

A clinical study on the inguinal hernia and its management in the general surgical practice at tertiary care hospital

Author(s): Dr. Bhanu Prasad Nagula
Abstract: Background: Inguinal hernias are the commonest health complication encountered in general surgical practice. Early diagnosis and elective repair is a safe and effective strategy for patients of all ages that avoid incarceration, strangulation, complications and decrease morbidity and mortality. The present study was designed to study the inguinal hernias and its management at tertiary care hospital at Nizamabad, Telangana.
Methods: The present observational study consist a total of 90 cases clinically suspected and diagnosed with inguinal hernia attending emergency department above 15 years of age were included. All subjects underwent detailed clinical and radiological examination and data was recorded. Post-operative follow up was done to assess the complications.
Results: Majority cases had indirect inguinal hernia (85.88%) than direct inguinal hernia (14.44%). 94.43% had unilateral hernia (Right 65.55% and Left 28.88%) and 5.55% had bilateral hernia. In 56.66% cases bowel was the hernial content and in 43.33% cases omentum was the hernial content. A wound infection (2.22%) was most common postoperative complication followed by groin pain (2.22%), hematoma (1.11%), scrotal swelling (1.11%) and recurrence (1.11%).
Conclusion: The incidence of inguinal hernia was most common in people of 5th decade and above age group. The hernioplasty (58%) was the preferable surgical option in the management of hernia. Increasing awareness in general population may help in detect at earlier stage and will reduce the disease morbidity.
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