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International Journal of Surgery Science
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International Journal of Surgery Science
Vol. 5, Issue 3, Part B (2021)

Solitary Pulmonary tumour associated with clubbing: A case report

Author(s): Dr. Bajrang Bawliya, Dr. Marzi Godrej Mehta and Dr. Paresh Ambalal Jain
Digital clubbing is an antiquated and significant clinical sign in medicine. Despite the fact that clubbed fingers are generally asymptomatic, it frequently predicts the presence of some feared basic illnesses. Among the different types of thoracic malignancy, lung cancer is responsible for 80% cases of clubbing, whereas pleural tumors and other intrathoracic and mediastinal growth contribute to 10% and 5% cases, respectively. On the other hand, the prevalence of clubbing in lung cancer patient ranges from 5% to 15%.
Solitary fibrous tumours (SFTs), are relatively rare and most of SFTs originated from pleura, especially the visceral pleura, a few of which occurred outside pleura and rarely in the lung. The incidence of SFTP was less than 5% of all pleural tumours. The WHO classification defines a solitary fibrous tumour as a ubiquitous mesenchymal tumour probably derived from fibroblasts with a hemangiopericytoma-like branching vascular pattern. In initial stage they are mostly asymptomatic and picked up incidentally. Once the tumour enlarges, it causes pressure effects on surrounding structures and the patient becomes symptomatic. En-bloc surgical resection is treatment of choice.
We report a relatively rare case of a 57 year old female patient presents with symptoms of cough and clubbing and detailed history revealed that the clubbing was an acquired sign and was the main reason why she approached the physician and was diagnosed to have a solitary fibrous tumour of the pleura. The patient successfully underwent pre op embolization to decrease blood loss intra operatively followed by an en bloc surgical resection of the tumour via a right posterolateral thoracotomy. On follow up after 6 months she was asymptomatic with no recurrence had a fair resolution of her clubbing
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