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International Journal of Surgery Science
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International Journal of Surgery Science
Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part B (2021)

HRCT Thorax as a tool for preoperative assessment of RT-PCR Covid-19 negative patients with malignancies

Author(s): Dr. Ramacharya and Dr. Gururaj Deshpande
Abstract: Background: According to WHO, Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths, or one in six deaths, in 2018. Due to recent pandemic of COVID 19 there were limitations of health services in the country. For those patients in whom Surgery is the mainstay of treatment, the delay in the treatment was due to cancellations of elective surgeries as per government regulations and lack of transportation for patients due lockdown and curfew imposed to curtail the pandemic. In the latter half of the initial relaxation of the lockdown, a institutional protocol was framed for all those requiring surgical treatment. All patients were asked to get a RT-PCR (Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction) test done from GIIMS hospital, Kalaburagi. RT-PCR negative patients were admitted for surgery and subjected to HRCT Thorax (High-resolution Computer Tomography). This was done to avoid risk to health care workers, patients, and attenders and also screen asymptomatic carriers and false negative RTPCR status
Materials and methods: This is a Retrospective data based study conducted in department of radiology, Kidwai VTSM Peripheral Cancer Centre, Kalaburagi. HRCT Reports of 100 patients were analyzed by experienced radiologist of the institution.
Results: The number of patients under the CO-RADS 1 category was 63 and CO-RADS 2 category was 37, according to CO-RADS classification. The results of RT-PCR and HRCT were compared and there was a 100% positive correlation between RT-PCR and HRCT Thorax.
Conclusion: Above study supported the use of HRCT Thorax as a diagnostic tool in preoperative screening of cancer patients for COVID 19, particularly in RT-PCR negative cases.
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