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Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part E (2021)

Assessment of risk factors for post-operative hypocalcemia after thyroid surgery

Author(s): Dr. Kunal Modi and Dr. Rahul Charpot
Abstract: Background and Aim: Early Hypocalcemia is the most frequent complication after thyroid surgery. Several studies have tried to identify factors affecting hypocalcemia following thyroid surgery. Present study was done to evaluate risk factors for post-operative hypocalcemia after thyroid surgery.
Material and Methods: This prospective study was conducted in the department of general surgery Tertiary care institute of Gujarat for the duration of 1 year in 80 patients who had undergone total, near-total thyroidectomy. Ultrasound imaging of the thyroid gland and the neck was conducted in order. Patients undergoing total/near-total thyroidectomy had their data collected through careful history collection, rigorous clinical examination, appropriate radiographic, hematological studies including serum calcium and serum albumin, operative findings, and post-operative hypocalcemia follow-up.
Results: Out of the total 80 surgeries done, 20 were hemithyroidectomy and 60 were total thyroidectomy. 37 patients with swelling/goiter, 16 patients with toxic features, and 14 patients with thyroiditis underwent thyroidectom. Based on the histopathological report, Hashimoto thyroiditis was higher in the study. 4 in 11 patients with toxic multinodular goiter had hypocalcemia, followed by 5 cases with Thyroid adenomas, 1 case with Graves’ disease had hypocalcemia after thyroidectomy. 22 patients had hypocalcemia after thyroidectomy.
Conclusion: The findings reveal that the only variables that influence early hypocalcemia development are sex, surgical method, and perioperative changes in serum calcium. Thus, prophylactic and therapeutic management may be quite similar to the recommendations in primary total thyroidectomies.
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