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International Journal of Surgery Science
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International Journal of Surgery Science
Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part E (2021)

Diabetic foot and its complications: A cross sectional study in rural medical college

Author(s): Dr. A Zahir Hussain MS
Objectives of the study: To understand the pathology of diabetic foot and relative distribution of this condition according to age, sex, among diabetic patients. To study the benefit and outcome of the different treatment modalities for diabetic foot. To reduce the risk of lower limb complications in people with diabetes by strict diabetic control, through debridement, meticulous dressing, and appropriate antibiotic therapy. To identify and educate those at high risk to prevent foot lesions developing and early detection of problems and the need for rapid help.
Methods: This study was conducted comprising of 100 patients of diabetic foot in the department of general surgery at Trichy SRM Medical College and Hospital, Trichy during the period of Jan 2020 to Jun 2021.
Results: Commonest presenting lesion was ulcers (44%), followed by gangrene (24%) and cellulitis (20%). Commonest site of the lesion was dorsum of the foot (32%), followed by fore foot (28%), and toes (22%). Trivial trauma is the initiating factor in more than half of the cases. More than half of the patients 82% had infection. Most common microorganism grown from culture was Staphylococcus aureus (30%), 28(28%) patients were treated with wound debridement, 18(18%) patients underwent major amputation. Prognosis was good in 72(72%) patients. 2(2%) patient died due to septicemia.
Conclusion: Diabetic patients at risk for foot lesions must be educated about risk factors. The multidisciplinary team approach to diabetic foot disorders has been demonstrated as the optimal method to achieve favorable rates of limb salvage in the high-risk diabetic patient. Infection in a diabetic foot is potentially limb-threatening and always requires urgent diagnostic and therapeutic attentions.
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