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International Journal of Surgery Science
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Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part E (2021)

Clinical profile of patients with gastric carcinoma: A descriptive clinical study

Author(s): Dr. AM Sreedhara
Abstract: Gastric carcinomas can be classified according to their localization in the stomach. The antral-pyloric region of the stomach is the most common site of stomach cancer, and carcinomas of the body are located along the greater or lesser curvature. Cancers of the cardia are difficult to distinguish from cancers of the gastroesophageal junction, and are considered to be a separate entity originating from the distal oesophagus. The patients were planned for surgery following the investigations. The stage of the tumour was determined by the investigations. The operative procedures performed were broadly divided into curative and palliative procedures based on the stage. The operative procedure selected for a patient was based on the stage of the tumour, the presenting symptoms, the general condition and nutrition of the patient. Mass abdomen was palpable in 23% of the patients and visible gastric peristalsis in 34% of the patients. Hepatomegaly was present in 5 patients, ascites in 2 patients. 3 patients presented with peritonitis secondary to gastric perforation due to gastric carcinoma. The patients were further evaluated after recovery form the acute phase.
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