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International Journal of Surgery Science
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International Journal of Surgery Science
Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part E (2021)

Spectrum of benign breast disease in western up: An observational study

Author(s): Dr. Palash Agrawal, Dr. Arvind Kumar Maurya and Dr. Akhil Kumar Gupta
Abstract: Background: Benign breast diseases have become a major health issue in modern times to contend with owing to its alarming pace of increase in global prevalence and the adverse risk that it holds in turning cancerous. They account for approximately 90% of all clinical presentations related to the breast. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the clinicopathological profile of benign breast diseases in women. Material and Methods: A prospective study was conducted in the Department of Surgery, Muzaffar Nagar Medical College and Hospital, Muzaffar Nagar, U.P., India, for 12 months. Patients experiencing breast-related issues such as lumps in the breast, nipple discharge, fever and mastalgia were admitted to the surgical ward for assessment. Results: In the present study, 112 cases were included. Fibroadenoma formed the most common benign breast disease accounting for 49 cases, followed by fibroadenosis in 23 cases. Benign breast disease was commonly seen in the age group of 20-30years constituting 43.75% of all patients followed by 29.46% cases in age group of 30-40years. Among all the benign breast diseases, left sided breast involvement was more common constituting 51.78% cases while right breast involvement was less common constituting 36.60% subjects. Bilateral involvement was seen in only 11.60% patients. Patients with breast lump 83.92%, patients with breast pain 33.92% and patients with nipple discharge 3.57%. Conclusion: The current study's findings on breast lesions provide useful information on the clinicopathological profile of breast lesions.
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Dr. Palash Agrawal, Dr. Arvind Kumar Maurya, Dr. Akhil Kumar Gupta. Spectrum of benign breast disease in western up: An observational study. Int J Surg Sci 2021;5(4):329-332. DOI:
International Journal of Surgery Science
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