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Vol. 7, Issue 3, Part B (2023)

S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Tension band wiring versus cannulated screws in fixation of medial malleolus in ankle fracture: Comparative Study
Ammar Satte Mizhir and Dr. Sherwan A Hamawandi
Pages: 80-84  |  307 Views  112 Downloads  |  Country: India
Management of abdominal surgical emergencies at the Labe regional hospital (guinea)
Ansoumane Conde, Mariama Camara, Thierno Souleymane BAH, Djiba Camara, Fodé CISSE, Labilé Togba Soumaoro and Aboubacar Toure
Pages: 85-87  |  264 Views  79 Downloads  |  Country: Guinea
Study of clinical profile of acute limb cellulitis patients in tertiary care center
Dr. Ritvik Jaykar, Dr. Sachin Jadhav, Dr. Omkar Shende and Dr. Shantanu Kalpallivar
Pages: 88-94  |  305 Views  86 Downloads  |  Country: India
Corticosterapie-induced bone infarction: About an observation and review of the literature
Dimitri Kanyanda Nafatalewa, Augustin Kibonge Mukakala, Moise Tshiband Mosh A Bilond, Manix Ilunga Banza, Vincent De Paul Kaoma Cabala, Prince Muteba Katambwa, Gauthier Kibabu Wanga, Trésor Kibangula Kasanga, Igor Mujinga Wa Mujinga and Jeff Bukasa Misenga
Pages: 95-97  |  238 Views  72 Downloads  |  Country: Congo
Mesenteric ischemia: A case report highlighting the importance of early detection and intervention
Meriem Gridda, Mohamed Benlahsen, Mohamed Annejar, Meriem Ainane and Mohamed Absi
Pages: 98-100  |  287 Views  75 Downloads  |  Country: Morocco
The effect of intravenous paracetamol on emergence agitation in preschool-aged children under sevoflurane anesthesia for strabismus surgery
Yeliz Kılıç, Haluk Hüseyin Gürsoy, Sema Şanal Baş, Ayten Bilir and Mehmet Sacit Güleç
Pages: 101-105  |  293 Views  83 Downloads  |  Country: Turkey
A clinical study of laser fistulectomy for high and low anal fistula in ANO
Dr. Ritvik Jaykar, Dr. Pradip Kasabe, Dr. Prajakta Kamat and Dr. Tejas Mhatre
Pages: 106-110  |  311 Views  113 Downloads  |  Country: India
Management of post caesarean section complications in the general surgery department of the Ignace Deen National Hospital
Barry MS, Diallo FB, Kondano SY, Diallo MB, Diallo MC, Fofana N, Diallo AT and Touré A
Pages: 111-114  |  270 Views  82 Downloads  |  Country: Guinea
A comparative study between bipolar cuttery and conventional suture ligation for hemostasis in total thyroidectomy for benign thyroid disease
Anmar Abdulkadhum Ajaj and Ali K Shaaeli
Pages: 115-118  |  330 Views  143 Downloads  |  Country: Iraq
Cutaneous burns in children: Clinical and therapeutic aspects in the general surgery department of Hôpital Ignace Deen, CHU de Conakry (Guinea)
Mohamed Saliou Bangoura, Dr. Ansoumane Conde, Youssouf Sow, Aboubacar Sidiki Bangoura, Emile Camara, Mariame Guirassy, MoÑ—se Loua and Houssein Fofana ET Aboubacar Toure
Pages: 119-121  |  239 Views  86 Downloads  |  Country: Guinea
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