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International Journal of Surgery Science
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Vol. 8, Issue 1, Part C (2024)

S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Liga Clips vs Bipolar Diathermy for cystic artery sealing in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A comparative study
Dr. Kumar Saurav Anand
Pages: 160-163  |  321 Views  145 Downloads  |  Country: India
Navigating the impacts of excessive weight gain in pregnancy on obstetric outcomes: An in-depth evaluation
Dr. Asra’a Alnakeb, Dr. Juhi Godara, Dr. Ghaya Alrais and Dr. Eman Khaled
Pages: 164-166  |  160 Views  65 Downloads  |  Country: United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
Management of acute appendicitis epidemiological, diagnostic, therapeutic and outcomes aspects: 103 cases
Omar Sow, Abdoulaye Yattara, Cheikh A Badji, Mohamed Dieng, Reymond Saidy, Modou D Ndiaye, Aboubacar Traoré, Cheikh Diouf, Papa A BA, Boubacar Fall and Madieng Dieng
Pages: 167-170  |  128 Views  46 Downloads  |  Country: Senegal
The value of virtual simulation for pre-operative planning in Rhinoplasty
Mohamed H Elghazaly, Mohamed M Khedr, Wael H Mahmoud, Amgad A Hendy and Elsayed M Mandour
Pages: 171-180  |  184 Views  78 Downloads  |  Country: Egypt
A rare case presentation of isolated complete CBD transection in blunt injury abdomen
Dr. R RamaKrishna Naik MS, Dr. S Chaitanya Vani MS, Dr. G Ananth Nivesh, Dr. J Sahrudai, Dr. V Sai Charan and Dr. K Vineeth Reddy
Pages: 181-185  |  145 Views  63 Downloads  |  Country: India
A case report on unintentional gallbladder stenting during endoscopic management of choledocholithiasis found during laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Dr. R Rama Krishna Naik, Dr. S Sabira, Dr. J Sahrudai, Dr. N Ramesh Naik, Dr. Prathibha and Dr. P Md Sarfaraz
Pages: 186-188  |  165 Views  75 Downloads  |  Country: India
Prospective comparative study between stamm’s and witzel’s method of feeding jejunostomy
Dr. Hetvi N Marsonia and Dr. Jignesh P Dave
Pages: 189-193  |  196 Views  69 Downloads  |  Country: India
International Journal of Surgery Science
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